Tumbled Rock Brewery and Kitchen

I am so beyond grateful for the opportunity to be able to produce images for Tumbled Rock Brewery and Kitchen. The experience was absolutely one I will never forget.

Tumbled Rock is my first ever product client I have done since I graduated.

There are no words for how much I love photographing food and drinks.

With this opportunity I was able to not only shoot the products but taste the products as well.

From the beer they craft in their brewery to the fresh ingredients they use to prepare every homemade dish from scratch.

Tumbled Rock when I had first drove up to the restaurant I was in absolute astonishment. Just from the exterior of the building I knew this was going to be an amazing opportunity that I would have to put my absolute all into.

I walked in and my breathe was taken away with how amazing the atmosphere was. To describe the look, it was a classy rustic in an industrial building. From the glass garage doors and large windows to bring in natural light from all around to the brick and barn wood walls to the cozy sitting area with a fire place that filled the air of a smell of a camp fire.

While you feel at home with welcoming staff and comfortable seating and the relaxed atmosphere what really brings you home is the food and beer.

Tumbled Rock’s menu gives you such a wide variety of food that won’t know what to try. No matter what you pick it will always be a good choice. While not only being able to take pictures of the finished product I was also able to go behind the scenes into the kitchen. I learned quickly that everything is fresh and made homemade.

I am hoping to get the opportunity to go back and be able to photograph the brewery side and tell you of how everything is made and show you the behind the scenes on how their beer is made.

The preparation that goes into making these meals is absolutely incredible. From what seasonings to use to what temperature and how long everything gets cooked for. There is an absolute art to cooking and you can most definitely tell the passion the head chef and his cooks have while watching them prepare food.

Not only the way each meal had come out but the taste and smells of everything. When people say there is nothing like a home cooked meal, that is truly what you get with each and every dish that is served at Tumbled Rock.

I had set up a little spot in the back corner so I was out of the way of the guests and servers yet I still managed to take pictures all over the restaurant because I had wanted to take advantage of the many background opportunities.

Tumbled Rock is located in Baraboo, Wisconsin right beside Devil’s Lake. A great opportunity to see amazing sites and get amazing food and drinks. No matter where you are from it is worth the travel.

In the summer time they will open up the garage door and windows to let the fresh air in. They also have an outside patio area to eat and drink while listening to a live band and play some fun games.

This is most definitely a place for anyone and everyone. I highly recommend going.

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